The National Energy and Sustainability Institute is putting the pieces together to create a responsible, effective and workable solution to energy and sustainability.  The purpose of the Institute is to help identify, validate and steward independent and corporate training, education and production sources in the growing and essential world of energy and sustainability evaluation and assessment and to provide viable, functioning business resource tools that give the independent and corporate clients strong, essential third party validation of their business and product platforms.
Our Mission
The most critical element to the Institute is the focused perspective we add to building value in the business operations of the participating individuals and corporate clients.   In the Energy and Sustainability arena, the ends often overshadow the means.  The Institute holds strong in its conviction that Energy and Sustainability are best obtained, guided and nurtured through strong, accountable business methods and models.  And although technology plays a critical roll in energy and sustainability, it is the actual application of business principles that in the end causes the energy and sustainability changes.  The Institute is dedicated to making certain these business principles are at the heart of any energy and sustainability assessment.
A Focused Perspective
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All training programs are reviewed to comply with applicable standards:
Department of Energy
Energy Star
National Science Foundation